Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Do you have a best Christmas Eve 2011 moment...I'll share mine:
Best moment early this morning...peeking through the living room curtains at 5:00 a.m. to see the Wichita Eagle Newspaper Delivery lady peering at her presents sitting on the lawn chair where she lays the paper each morning, and as she saw the second sack of stockings filled with goodies for her 4 young children, the smile crinkled around her lips as she shook her head, her smile getting wider and... wider...while I brushed the tears from my eyes! :) ♥ Mom was peeking out the bedroom window...(she was the one who prepared the gifts)...chocolate bread, banana nut bread, oranges, apples, cookies, candy canes, cheese in a can, crackers, cheese in a log, a small ham...etc. I won't forget "the paper lady's" face for a very long time, if ever! ♥ Thanks mom, your giving so richly blesses those around you!
Mom has been baking for weeks! (I have been cleaning up the kitchen for weeks! LOL!) At 80 it is difficult to bake AND clean! Too funny! A few times I just had to sit down in the mess and get my mind off of another round of dishes that needed washing! LOL! What a blessing, though! Each night she fixed her family trays of fingerfoods as we sat "around" and talked "olden" days! Mom was up at 3 and 4 a.m. most mornings. One morning this past week we all had a ham and egg breakfast together, as she made potato salad. I guess when you are 80 (dad is 84), you can pretty much do what you want! :) ♥
Oh, did I mention the ham breakfast was at 3:00 a.m? Whew! The holidays will soon be over...and we'll miss them!
Do newspapers "sit" in a lawn chair or "set" ??? I think set! :)
Well, I guess I will go clean up the kitchen one more time! Mom likes to create in a clean kitchen! LOL! :)
We'll see what delectibles we enjoy together this Christmas Eve evening, from Mama's hand! ♥
Merry Christmas everyone!

PS: here is a Facebook response to my blog:

Angi:  Debra! WOW! Let me share that when I was a single mom working 3 job to get Christmas sometimes that God sent me an 80 year old angel! This wonderful act made me CRY! Your paper lady will and always truely have a memory and a Blessing to pay forward and she will! I do because God showed me to always have faith, be patient, and trust. So those treats and stockings are going to be the beginning of your mom's legacy in her life! Awesome!

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