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Creative Friends,

There is so much fun in sharing a creative process, and that is the true purpose of my blog.

Today I am sharing a crocheted/lined E-reader Klutch (the Tutorial and video coming soon)A lovely klutch bag to protect your kindle; however, it has many uses:

Or whatever you desire! :)

I uploaded pictures (see below and click any picture for a slide show of all pics) of the klutches I crocheted from "Sidetracked Artist's" design... I will share my own pattern creation soon! I was inspired by many designers for my new pattern; however, I love "Sidetracted Artists" simple elegant style...and the klutch fit my kindle like a glove!

If you don't want to crochet one for yourself...klutches will be available on my Etsy and E-bay if you need one, or want one to gift! :) I'll post a link when they are available!

Meantime, enjoy the creative process with fun to hold needle and hook in hand!
Blessings, friend!

PS: I won't be selling the bags shown. They are inspired from Sidetracked Artist...see her blogspot and Etsy for more info on what she offers!

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